Sunday, December 13, 2015

PSX stuff!

After playing with 8-bit consoles for a while, it's now time for some real challenge! In the past few months, I started looking into the original Sony PlayStation. The main CPU emulation is probably close to completion (the instruction cache implementation fore sure gave me some trouble). The DMA controller and GPU are a work-in-progress, but the work achieved so far allows the BIOS to be displayed properly (as seen in the screenshot above, with Emux running through RetroArch on Windows 10).

Once I manage to get some basic CD-ROM emulation, I should be able to reach the BIOS code path responsible for rendering the PS logo - this will also require the GTE to be working somewhat correctly (the geometry transformation engine is a co-processor responsible for 3D transformations, separate from the GPU which only handles 2D rendering). Let's hope for the best!